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1Superior Inflatable, manufacturer of best American made inflatables since 2003. Superior to all inflatable manufacturers.

Custom Inflatable Manufacturer

2We’re not just any cutting edge inflatable manufacturer, we’re a bleeding edge innovator and custom inflatable manufacturer.

Bounce House, Movie Screen & More

3If you can think it, we can build it! Jumbo bounce house to inflatable movie screen. Any custom inflatable design you can imagine.

Superior Inflatables an American Inflatable Manufacturer

American Inflatable Manufacturing at it’s best. Superior Inflatables America’s 1st choice when seeking superior made commercial inflatables for their business. Including fortune 500 business advertising and inflatable party rental businesses. Includes OEM inflatable manufacturing for most well known and favored inflatable sellers worldwide. We strive for superior perfection with every inflatable we manufacture. USA MADE!!

American Inflatable Manufacturer Of World Famous 300ft Slip and Slide Viral Video “URBAN SURFING

Record largest American made custom downhill water slide

Nothing more exciting then being asked to build the largest American made water slide to date. A downhill water slide in San Francisco, Ca for one of it’s steepest streets. We worked together with producers and staff to engineer the safest downhill water slide / slip and slide possible for their viral video commercial. Combing action sports, stunts and a 300ft downhill water slide in the middle of an 11% grade downhill city street. Riders experiencing frightening fun speeds.

All American inflatable manufacturer, GUILTY AS CHARGED!

Thanks for visiting industry experts here at Superior Inflatables, for all your commercial enterprise and custom inflatable needs. With over 10 years of experience manufacturing inflatables since 2003, Superior Inflatable is a provider of great party amusements for all sorts of celebrations. Dedicated to manufacturing America’s best quality inflatables coupled with the best customer service at a price most enterprise professionals can afford. You will find stylish inflatables for every element of your business. Bounce houses, 4-in-1 combos, 32′ slides, and fantastic obstacle course challenges for outdoor or indoor party rental entrepreneurs. These popular designs hold mass appeal for kids and adults, and are sure to be a hit at an indoor amusement center or as a weekend inflatable rental. Ideal rental venues for fairs, birthdays, graduation parties, wedding receptions, dances, festivals, and more. See how you can get started in your area today. For larger enterprise rental operators, check out the outstanding saving found in the business bundle packages. Save time and money by getting several great pieces in one set! All packages include the blower, safety rules, and accessories.

American inflatable manufacturer. Inflatable manufacturing since 2003. Located on the west coast of United States California just north of San Diego and south of Los Angeles County.

Looking to reinforce your business image? Inflatable also make excellent advertising vessels! A fantastic way of branding and capturing point of sales transactions with gigantic inflatable product replica or inspiring logo. Vivid characters and designs excel at drawing in eyes to your product or service. Superior Inflatables will work with you to develop your brand as you see it in your minds eye. We are a specialist in custom inflatable manufacturing. Call us at (877) 946-3528 to find out more.


We have everything you need

Inflatables, concessions equipment, tables, chairs to rodeo bulls. We have everything you need to start a a new party rental or bounce house business. Including rental agreement, operator agreement, business cards and much more here. All in one place.

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Optimize your startup capitol

Did you remember to budget for online business presence. Superior Inflatables helps you leverage your new business startup capitol. We do this by hosting and building you a professional custom website. Including  SEO with every startup package.

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Receive unlimited tutelage and support from professionals with decades of experience running a party rental or bounce house business. Gain access to a knowledgeable professionals on our support forum. Including 6 hours of personal 1on1 training.

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This variation of the bouncy castle has an interchangeable banner feature to help you change the theme. All you need to do is change the banner. The vibrant yellow, blue and red colors will attract kids to the bouncy castle and any event! This has a semi-circle  shaped entrance below the front netted window and […]

This yellow, red and blue modular bounce house will provide great enjoyment for the kids. This includes two screen windows on the front, one on the left, right, and back sides of the bounce house. The main color of the bounce house is yellow, with red corners, and the ramp is red and yellow and […]

The main color of this fun bounce house is yellow but has large blue edges. Each side has a wide screen window. The front has a semi-circle entrance way below its window to provide access for kids entering the bounce house. This bounce house also has small amounts of red on the ramp. This comes […]

This pink bounce house is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It has two screen windows in the front, one on each side of the entrance way, and one on all the other sides. It comes in a variety of sizes, including 8×8 bouncers, 10×10 jumps, 11×11, 15×15, and the jumbo size 20×22. It […]

This jungle-themed combo bounce slide is wild and fun! It has greem palm-tree columns with jungle animals pictured, including a lion and a monkey. The walls are yellow with netted windows. And of course, you have the slide, which has a yellow arch above it. The slide area is white and the sides of the […]

This princess-themed combo bounce slide will be popular with girls! The pink columns have princesses pictured on them. The tops on these columns are light blue. The walls are light blue with netted windows. The slide is light blue as well. The size is 13 X 25 X 15 and weighs 250 lbs.  

This balloon-themed combo bounce slide may just take you away for an adventure! The house portion features lime green columns with balloons at the top. The walls are goldenrod with red accents at the top. The walls also have netted windows. The base of the house is blue, and the slide is is white and […]

This colorful, unique combo known as the Fundome is AWESOME! It’s an exclusive of Superior Inflatables’ and is equipped with a tunnel, slide, basketball hoop, and bounce area. This awesome combo can be used both indoors and outdoors! This is a huge combo; 525 square feet of fun and excitement! Kids will find this combo […]

This jungle is full of wild obstacles that await kids racing through! The jungle themed obstacle course is filled with inflated poles, rock climbing, a tunnel, and a slide. There’s even a basketball hoop on the inside. The jungle has never been this fun before! The house area has palm tree corners with pictures of […]

This hot air balloon obstacle course is great fun for kids to run through! The obstacle course has plenty of obstacles in store; rock climbing, tunnel, poles, a hoop, and slide. A basketball hoop is located in the house section. The house is yellow with red accents and with bright green corner columns that have […]

This two unit obstacle course is loads of wild fun! Kids race through the tunnels, then navigate through a series of bars that run across the bounce house section. They go out a narrow exit where they must then climb up a hill, and slide down an awesome slide for the obstacle course finale. There […]

Welcome, sports fans! Kids will love this sports themed obstacle course, as they race through the tunnels to get into the house. Then navigate through a series of bars that run across the bounce house section and then climb through the narrow exit. Next, they must climb up to go down the slide for the […]